About Us


A wonderful example of late Modernism architecture in Los Angeles, The Bel Air Treehouse features the woods of the majestic Cedar, Pine and Redwood trees. Wood is a nurturing element. Cedar has been used for the creation of sacred spaces since the beginning of time. Redwood is the Goddess tree. She creates balance and discipline. Pine is the tree of prosperity, purification and healing.

Organic luxury prevails. The Treehouse is lovingly sustained without the use of harsh cleaning products. We believe that luxury should never sacrifice nature. Organic living, low stress environments and conscious thinking all contribute to our ultimate wealth – peace of mind and radiant health. We are cruelty-free, paraben-free and all-natural.


The Treehouse offers complimentary organic fruit, Mt Shasta spring water, biodynamic coffee, an expresso machine for guests to enjoy 24/7 and jasmine green tea on arrival. A kitchenette allows guests to be self-sufficient.
Vintage kimonos from Nagoya in Japan are regal dressing gowns for our guest.
Shoes come off at the front door and pop on the house slippers.